Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Close your eyes

It still amazes me when someone sits down next to me and asks me how my day is and is genuinely interested in what i have to say. To be honest i thought that it was gone from the world. Today i found out that some people really do care and although they are diamonds in the rough they do exist... I found someone like that, today. He is genuinely interested in what i have to say and who i am, and although we don't know each other well i know that we will continue to talk because someone who cares is impossible to shake. So although compassion may be fading from the world i know now that it isn't gone. People still have the ability to feel and care about others. Going to high school day in and out sort of changes who you are, through growing up and maturing, but also through your outlook on people. The world sort of seems to turn grey and everything becomes auto pilot. Go to class, eat lunch, go to class, eat supper go to dance, come home, sleep and repeat. There are few people who seem to have the ability to bring me out of auto pilot but i think that he does. Now don't get the wrong idea or anything, it isn't as if i want this boy as anything more than a friend, for now. I just wish that more people took the time to see through all the bullshit life brings and try to always be positive. I used to be that way but time has brought me to a place where i am always home, alone. I suppose that isn't so bad because at least i have a home, but it also causes me to analyze people around me. I've come to realize that there are so many people around me that are two-faced and fake. How can i become a better person and adult if the people around me are all fake? How will i truly trust in anyone? I can't tell you the answers but i do know that i will try from now on to find people who are real. This will be quite the challenge but by doing this i think that i will be able to broaden my friends and find people who see things the way i do. People who see through the bull and fake, and see who people truly are. Maybe, just maybe, that will lead me to a group of wonderful and pure people who have nothing bad to say about anyone, because there's no need to.

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