Saturday, February 20, 2010

So here it goes again

Here i sit once again at home, on another saturday night, so maybe i should be used to this kind of thing. Or maybe it just happens to be sad that again i sit at home when my mom has a social calendar... either way you could say that life isn't exactly all it is cracked up to be. I might not be in poverty, or be in an abusive home which would probably explain the new interest in blogging. My life is just simply... boring.
I have the same dilemmas all teenage girls face, whether we be 14 or 17, we all have to deal with them. But here's the deal the blog is called just listen for a reason. That reason is that some people just need to sit down and listen to what they are complaining about and decide whether no date for saturday night is a tragedy or really not so bad.
Like the fact that my brother is in Australia and is practically starving, is that worth my worries? I believe that it deserves my attention, i miss him like crazy and i think that when he gets back i will appreciate him as i always should have. It feels the same when my sister is at her house in the northern part of the city, she can't come over and just hang out with me. She may be 7 years older but i miss her like crazy... so i dance to make myself feel her dancing next to me. As odd as that sounds it works, but right now dancing is out of the question.... damn back injuries.
Anyways, this might end up being a mild music blog, like so many others are.
So here's your day one song request, That Year by Brandi Carlile. It is a feel good song with lyrics that are just so wonderful and they make me feel good, and i don't know how they will make you feel but i love it. Thank goodness for music or my life would be unbearable. It's bad when my representation for friends is a yearbook because they are ever changing and almost none are constant.
So here is your dare, live tomorrow exactly how you want to live it, with someone you love or maybe playing video games with your brother. Whatever you want to do tomorrow, make it happen, because if you don't try to make it happen you will never know what it could have been if you had.

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