Thursday, March 4, 2010

Far longer then forever

Things happen for a reason, or so I'm told. I'm just wondering what the reason is for my back to be so injured. Is the goal to make my life even less bearable? In all honesty I know that things happen for a reason but when nothing is going right in my life it is hard for me to see the light.
In the future I hope that I don't have to bare this feeling. The feeling that at any time I might breakdown, or maybe just turn off. So far this year I have not had a good day, and I wish that that was an exaggeration but in all honesty it isn't. I would say that all I need is a guy to care for me, but I don't. That's the last thing that I need right now because I don't want to crush others with my problems. Today all I did was read, do missed homework and watch a movie, oh and spend a half hour trying to get down the stairs. A good day in the eyes of some, but to me unbearable. Sitting around doing nothing is the last thing that I want these days.
I think that watching The Swan Princess today was good because it allowed me to see happiness I used to feel when I was little. Plus I got to sing along which is always fabulously fun. I guess that cartoon movies from childhood are the best medicine sometimes but I don't know if it really helped me today unfortunately.
The dare for tomorrow, suck it up and pretend my happiness exists, for my non existant readers? Believe that life is good and people are good as well. My song request is anything classicly Disney or other popular cartoons, like the Hercules soundtrack or maybe Anastasia. Cartoon soundtracks contain happiness that only children can truely grasp and have on a regular day basis. So listen up because they'll make you feel immensely better!


  1. just read your blogs, even though I usually don't read "teen" blogs (please don't take offense) but your suffering did strangely remind me of exactly what I used to go through. My cure was always friends. Literally, spend as much time with them as possible, do not sit at home. Do you have many close friends?

  2. yeah, but everyone is sort of trying to find their ways lately. and i am not taking any offense at all by you not wanting to read teen blogs i understand. thanks for the advise maybe my friends will come around over the next few weeks or days, you never know right?