Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Disaster

Finally, this weekend i get to have fun like i have been wanting to for however long it's been. This weekend i get to do whatever i want and not worry about any consequences because it's my life. I think that everyone deserves to have one week a month that is completely theirs. It seems to me that nowadays people aren't thinking nearly enough about themselves and having fun. So here's your freeby, do what you want this weekend. Seriously, i am going to drink and party and just have a fun time, the kind of fun that is only reachable when you are with friends who care about you enough to allow you to make a fool of yourself.
Here's some good luck to anyone who needs it, have all the luck you want from me. My luck is not needed over the next few days, the only day that i really need it is on friday, hopefully nothing goes unexpectedly. Although sometimes the unexpected can be absolutely perfect and needed, so maybe i should hope for the perfectly unexpected to happen and hope that no accidents happen. I hope that maybe the boy of my dreams will give me a call and tell me that he feels the same way. Odds are that someone will have the perfect night and maybe a few people will have crappy nights but it is all for the cause of fun.
My goal for this month is to change my group of friends, not entirely of course but just the people i spend the majority of time with. I think that the reason i have been so down lately is because i no longer have the ability to relate to the people that i am with and therefore need new people to relate to. Also by expanding and altering my current circle i think that i will be able to alter myself to a happier me, i think that maybe if i do this then i will become less depressed, maybe, just maybe, this will allow me to be the person i need myself to be right now.
Maybe the thing that everyone needs today is a little Jesse McCartney, so turn him on, because although you don't want to admit it i am sure there is at least one of his songs that you find amusing if not enjoyable. I recommend right where you want me or just so you know, but that's just me. I think that all i need right now is a little Jesse and a bubble bath, mmm yeah that sounds just perfect.
So off i go to do whatever i need to do, your dare is to do the same. Recharge your batteries during this week because you'll need it for the weekend if yours looks anything like mine. Hope you all have a good one over the next few days, hopefully i get some more followers within the next couple months or this blog is a little pointless for anyone but me, anyway i should header now.

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